What? You missed Eurovision 2012?

Well, if you did miss this year’s contest, here’s what you missed, all condensed into less than 30 seconds.

Bet you’re sorry you missed it now!

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PDAIS 048 – Extras I

The latest podcast is now out and a jolly fine one it is too.  This time round, we discuss Joseph Conrad’s novella “Heart Of Darkness”, the 1979 film loosely based on it – “Apocalypse Now” – and the band whose music featured in the latter – The Doors. As usual, you can get to the podcast via the website.

“Heart of Darkness” can be downloaded for free (in a variety of formats) at Project Gutenberg, so now there’s no excuse for not reading it.

There will be more extras in due course, but for now you can just sit back and enjoy the redux trailer for the film, which has most of the bits we talk about in the podcast.

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PDAIS 047 – Extras II

And now, for our “Firefly” special, here’s the trailer for the film “Serenity”. I like this trailer. I think it shows off the film in a way that allows both fans and newcomers alike to appreciate what the core of the film is about. Enjoy.


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Thank you Norway!

Well Eurovision 2012 has come and gone with all the usual strange craziness that entails. For each semi-final this year I got 8/10 qualifiers right and on the night got 9/10 of the top 10 correct (I only missed Turkey) and predicted a Swedish victory and a Russian runner-up, so form that point of view it wasn’t too bad.

However, the Hump did NOT deserve 25th place for that song!  I just thank God for Norway, as otherwise we would have come last.  I would remind you what all the songs sounded like, but I haven’t the heart to inflict that on you.  Instead, you can go here, and inflict that on yourself.  In the meantime, here’s a nice little song, well sung and totally overlooked on the night.

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PDAIS 047 – Extras I

It’s the Joss Whedon created “Firefly” special!  Check it out here.

This one is for Peggy. Hope you had a great birthday!

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PDAIS 046 – Extras II

The latest podcast also talks about “The Avengers” (or “Avengers Assemble” in the UK).  There were a number of official trailers for this, since no one trailer alone could show where all that money had been spent (mostly on fiddling about with the trailers I guess) but who cares, it’s taken all the money back and then some anyway.

Here is the first one, which actually acknowledges the film’s origins in the comic books.

Here’s the second (and better-known) trailer for the film.  A bit more money on show here as the Avengers actually assemble.

The other trailers for the film are very much variations on a theme, so I don’t see the point in posting any of them, but here is what the movie would have looked like if they hadn’t spent shedloads of cash on it.

Aren’t you glad about the big budget now?

Finally, there’s a whole slew of Avengers stuff on the MARVEL YouTube Channel, with a playlist and everything, so go check that out too.

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PDAIS 046 – Extras I

Well, the new PDAIS is out and I don’t have to say “Merry Christmas” (yet), so we must have got it out in time. Here are some extras to entertain you.

First, here is a trailer for the 2004 “The Punisher” film starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta and shot on location in Tampa Florida. It almost makes me wish I’d seen the rest of the film. Almost. Maybe one day.

Then came 2008’s “Punisher: War Zone” with Ray Stevenson. This trailer doesn’t look nearly so good. It’s amazing how many tricks the film companies have to try and disguise a bad film in the trailer – using music, fast cuts, voice overs, inserts and deliberate omissions – but as we all get more accustomed to such tricks, all that happens is that we see a trailer like this and go: “Bad movie! Yeah, definitely.”

For completeness, here is the 1989 trailer for “The Punisher” starring Dolph Lundgren. The sound is completely out of synch on this one, which only makes if all the funnier – if only the whole film had been like that, it might have been a success.

There have already been extras up on Facebook for PDAIS 046, but I do have more up my sleeve.

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